a message

The sun is shinning

The air smells of the moist warm earth

The sweet spring breeze touches my shoulders and cheeks,

Nine robins graze on berries in the mountain ash tree in the back yard…

over head two red tail hawks glide and dance on the warm air currents…

I think I am being told something

writers/motivation block

So I have had a mental and motivational block this week. No…motivation…at…all. Yeah it sucks. I would like to go for a walk but it’s too damn cold outside. It hurts my lungs. I know when I go back to work that I will have my energy back and I could get it back by exercising here at home…but lets face it…I don’t do that. 🙂 I will once in a while get my yoga mat out and stretch my tendons etc. I guess the reason I let myself be lazy is because for the rest of the year I run my butt off outside working, hauling, digging and all that jazz. My chest did start to feel tight yesterday which means I have been shallow breathing lately too much and need to expand my lungs. Today might be the day I try working out or at least do something physical that will get my lungs going. I do have a lot of piggy presents to clean out of the back yard. Also, tmi, it doesn’t help my pms is kicking in early. That really blows. I have no patience, am extremely irritable, and am sick of my routine. When it gets to the point where it is hard to even write shit, you know you have fallen into a slump. ptthhbbb. I need more coffee. I will hopefully be turned around by the end of the morning with something better to report.

Okay I thought about it…PROUCTIVITY is what I am missing. Feeling like I am productive and accomplishing something. I do through this each winter, duh Ellen. So we will be productive by maybe making a cake using my Wilton cake set with pretty roses and all that fun stuff. 🙂 That would be fun.

Lets be creative today and remember what God gave in this mind and spirit!


wet nails and sunshine

Keeping with my word I will label my posts randomly if they have no purpose other than to simply exist. And this will be a short one. I feel it a necessity to write everyday. I write in my when I am trying to fall asleep and have so much I say to myself all day that it has to get out sometime, even if no one listens this isn’t what this is for.  It if for me to have a place to spill the shit out of my brain that runs rapid all day or night messing up my important thoughts. I talk to myself out loud if I don’t write it down. The most small random thought can invade a silent moment and stay there like an unwanted gray hair…sticking above all the rest. Here I am! It says…Shut up! I say to it. Does it listen. Nope.

The sun is shining and it reminds me that spring is coming sooner than I thought. Yikes. My springs and summers are so busy I can barely sit still. Plants wait for no one to grow, be grown and be planted and maintained. But hey, they don’t talk back, they smell and look fantastic and are the silent beauties of the world. I am blessed.

Day Fourteen: Coffee and Yoga

Trying not to get overwhelmed by the things around me today is turning out to be easier than I expected. Facing something the instant it is in my mind and clearing it from my to do list has been very satisfying. It is easier to face the small tasks and finish them as soon as they make an appearance as opposed to putting them off and letting them become a nuisance of my mind. It is the easiest way I have found to relieve stress in my life. 🙂

My Goal: Continue at a steady consistent productive pace, accomplishing those things that are in front of you with ease.

Positive Phrase: You are standing on two strong feet and have strong people supporting you. You also have God on your side. You are in the right hands. Keep your head up and your hands raised.


Is it summer yet??

Is it summer yet?? Because I could use some continual sunshine blasting onto my skin. Good ol natural vitamin D! Happy little rays bouncing off my face!  

The way the sun is shining this morning and the brightness of the morning makes me feel like it should be 60 degrees and warm out already. But to my unfortunate dismay it is freaking cold out there and still slightly winter…Sigh..How many weeks left?! Well when you live in Idaho winter can last as long as it pleases, and without warning it can snow at any time too! Even in the middle of spring it isn’t unlikely.

As I walked the kids to the bus stop this morning the woods called my name! The crisp air-filled my lungs speaking of trails untraveled and awaiting adventures to be had. I actually found my self singing “Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I have a wonderful feeling, everythings going my waaayyy!”   I am aware I am a dork 😉 but some days just calls for an outburst in song! At least I didn’t do the “Sound of music” interlude and spin with my arms out as I crossed the lawn. 🙂

So I sit here gazing out the window looking at the clean blue sky wishing my boyfriend was off of work so we could go shooting in the woods and go for a hike down our favorite trails. I love it that he has the same drive and passion for the outdoors that I have. When we go camping we are completely in our element. Raw pure nature…simplistic quiet and perfect. It is our absolute zen place.

May Spring be quick to arrive and full of warm rains. May the flowers bloom brilliantly and the grass go lush and green. Let Summer arrive with the warmth of a freshly awakened sun, sharing its golden rays of invigorating light with us all.

A toast to summer! *clink* May your day be bright and beautiful!

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