Is it summer yet??

Is it summer yet?? Because I could use some continual sunshine blasting onto my skin. Good ol natural vitamin D! Happy little rays bouncing off my face!  

The way the sun is shining this morning and the brightness of the morning makes me feel like it should be 60 degrees and warm out already. But to my unfortunate dismay it is freaking cold out there and still slightly winter…Sigh..How many weeks left?! Well when you live in Idaho winter can last as long as it pleases, and without warning it can snow at any time too! Even in the middle of spring it isn’t unlikely.

As I walked the kids to the bus stop this morning the woods called my name! The crisp air-filled my lungs speaking of trails untraveled and awaiting adventures to be had. I actually found my self singing “Oh what a beautiful morning! Oh what a beautiful day! I have a wonderful feeling, everythings going my waaayyy!”   I am aware I am a dork 😉 but some days just calls for an outburst in song! At least I didn’t do the “Sound of music” interlude and spin with my arms out as I crossed the lawn. 🙂

So I sit here gazing out the window looking at the clean blue sky wishing my boyfriend was off of work so we could go shooting in the woods and go for a hike down our favorite trails. I love it that he has the same drive and passion for the outdoors that I have. When we go camping we are completely in our element. Raw pure nature…simplistic quiet and perfect. It is our absolute zen place.

May Spring be quick to arrive and full of warm rains. May the flowers bloom brilliantly and the grass go lush and green. Let Summer arrive with the warmth of a freshly awakened sun, sharing its golden rays of invigorating light with us all.

A toast to summer! *clink* May your day be bright and beautiful!

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