Can you rough it?…yes I can

I just read a post about not being able to make it without computers, and how being at the end of a dirt road would not be possible for them….

I am the opposite. take my phone, take the internet and all the business of society! I m good.

I would love to have the simple life I grew up having. With only a few exceptions. I would have a killer root cellar and a toilet inside the house.

But I could totally live without the internet and all that goes along with it. We do not need it to survive, no matter what people think. I mean take your phone away and you will not collapse and die. Turn the internet off and you wont stop breathing. Is it nice. yea it is. but necessary to live…no.

We lived at the end of a dirt road with no one around us. We moved into the house when it only had 1/4 of the floor/roof finished, a ladder leading downstairs, and no walls completed. It was motivation to get it done before the snow flew. 🙂 We got it done by tearing down old buildings in town that no one wanted and using wood from our property that was made into boards by a neighbor at the bottom of the road.

The well was the best water I still love to drink to this day. So cold and clean. You feel like you are part of the earth then you drink it. The well was paid for by selling logs from the land.

I grew up very simply and without a lot of “Luxury” items. I had to take baths in metal tubs outside, with water heated up on wood stoves and poured into it, even in the winter. Let me tell you, it was like being in a personal hot springs. Snow falling around you as you sat in boiling water on the covered back porch, and watching the birds at the bird feeder. It was quiet and peaceful. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

We chopped wood to stay warm, harvesting the wood ourselves throughout the summer from the forest land that backs the property. We had a generator for quite a few years before we got power brought up the hill. During that time, if we wanted black and white T.V. for a few hours a night we had to start it up ourselves. I still remember how it sounded.

I as so blessed to have a childhood where hard work was a norm. I wish my kids could grow up like that. These days kids don’t know the meaning of hard work. I mean you get home, work on the house, or dig fence posts, chop wood, haul water, or fence in the horse pasture, all before starting your homework. We ate what was put in front of us without complaint, worked without grumbling, and never dreamed of talking back…unless you wanted your hair pulled or swatted with a spoon. I am grateful for my mother and her strength it took to raise me and my sister. It was tough for her. We did it on our own with no man, no money and at the beginning only a trailer that fit on the back of a truck to live in. God got us through it all.

The story is much longer than this. Our beginning on the property was not an ideal way to start. However, if it would have been easy…we wouldn’t have learned all we did or had all the adventures we did. They are my fondest childhood memories. Thank you mom for always being our rock, and for pushing us to be the women we are today. I love and adore you for all you have done for me. God has made your daughters into two strong individuals who can say they had a good life with more love than they could ever imagine. Thank you for never giving up when it was hard…or when you felt hopeless. I know you pushed on because there was no other choice. I take all those lessons to heart. There is always a direction to go. If you don’t move forward, you are only stuck in the misery around you.

I am not afraid of what the world can throw at me.

Thank you for showing me what it is to be a Woman.

~reflective and humbled~



~Outside the skin~

there comes a time when you need to just sit in silence and absorb

step out of your skin

let your body be where it lay

look at yourself and those around you

see them and you for what you are

meer humans

we have half a clue of the vastness of the world outside your own minds

sinking into the soil

soaring into the billowing clouds

melting with the liquids of the sea

gliding on the winds

be still and feel that around you

be a vase filled by the constance changing world

“No matter how the wind blows, the mountain can not bow to it”



..morning reflection and randomness…

Well it’s that time of year again..I cant say it wasnt nice having the winter off but next winter I am going to get a part-time job. There is no point at not making money if you are able.

The plant nursery is starting to set up this week and its back to my hard-core workouts every day. I do love my job, plants don’t talk back even if they prick you once in a while. 🙂 It is a lot of walking, hauling, pruning, and cleaning to be done, not to mention a ton of plant knowledge to be learned.

I loved having the time to spend with my kids, helping out at their school, and being there when they got off the bus. I finished writing a book, and got all my blogs set up and realized the world of blogging is quite fun and interesting.

I was able to make dinners for my kids and boyfriend a lot more than I usually do. Granted I did not explore too many new recipes but I will work on that continually. I learned a lot this winter about my relationship, all good things ❤ man I love him. I learned more about my kids as always, they are growing up so fast. We started new rules in the house to instill more respect. I find it harder to get kids to understand respect for what they have when they don’t live out in the woods and have to haul in wood for heat or water to wash in like I did. Being creative with instilling proper morals is something I am getting better at. 🙂

Anyways…I sit here getting ready to take the kid to the bus stop then go shopping for work clothes. It snowed last week so I am getting some thermals just in case it decides to do it again. My coffee got cold, and that is a pity 🙂 Time to head out and face the world of sports bras, socks and long johns! Better get a cup to go because from what spell check is telling me I can not spell today!

~Write, explore and free yourself with words~

 Our morning picture is brought to you by beautiful Ireland ❤

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