…this is me…I am this…and I am okay with that…


I talk too much

I cry over too many things

I laugh too loud at totally unfunny jokes

I am clumsy

I care too much

I love too much

I am overprotective

I have too many feelings

Sometimes I don’t know how to take a joke

I am not too sensitive

I want to be loved unconditionally all the time

I hate fighting

I feel physically sick when I argue

I can go red with anger, and have been controlling it more over the years. I am way better than I used to be.

I put my foot in my mouth way to often, and look like an idiot

I am not a good public speaker

I am consumed often in what I am doing and forget time

I want to be adored more than what’s normal

I dream big and have a surplus of faith

I am not a bitch

I am a woman

I am not weak

I am strong

I love God

I forgive myself for the wrongs of my past…each day and remember how far I have come in personal growth

I love me, and will always work towards improving myself

I love and crave to feel the touch from the man I love

I am unique and passionate

I love intimate one on one conversations

I love to write and have a dark side as well in those writings

I express myself better in writing than in spoken words

I dream of being a writer and living off of it…that and art

I am a mother…daughter…sister…

I am me. Take me or leave me but I am done changing these things. Unless that change is for the better and it is natural, and it is done to better me as an individual and a Woman.





New Lowered Price on my newly published book!

Between the Lines”

I am offering my newely released book at a lower price!

This collection is full of my most personal and moving writings.

I have put my heart and mind into these pages and am

sharing them with you.

It is raw, it is unique, it is me on a page.

Read between the lines and see the real Ellen.


“Between the Line” by Ellen Fredrickson

I have poured many years in to this book and am so thrilled to give it tothe world. This journal went with me everywhere, from the mountains to the coastland many places in between. There is blood death joy and love all in these pages of mine. They will move you, make you think and speak to your soul.

“To be a writer is to be someone whom is not afraid to let others see what you have inside. You put yourself onto the pages and release all fear of what will be thought of you and your words.”

“To create excitement, joy, sorrow and torment in the mind of the reader is a goal we all share as the weavers of words.”


This is my place

I decided last night as I was going over my other blogs and thinking about the book I just published…..I dont write as much as I used to and I need a place for that.

I was always scribbling in my journal, and ended up with a book ful of stories entries and poems. Some dark and bloody some chearful and bright.

It went with me everywhere and is now a book. I guess I felt like I didnt have  a place to put my words after that.  That book is now shelfed and has not been replaced. There is one type of book I write in…hard covered black books with simple lines.

I tried to replace it with a floral printed hardback but it doesnt represent the same esacape as the sleek black one.

So it is here I have decided to share my daily writings. It will be a good expression for me, and a healthy dumping grounds to all that goes on around in my semi crazy head.

So ye be warned of insanity, gore, blood, enlightment, inspiration and the scattered randomness that is my mind.

As always I welcome any thoughts and comments that pop into your lovely brains as you read my blog 🙂

~To creating each day in a way you have never seen before~

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