Journey to Yellowstone


Sunday, June 11 2017

Our journey to Yellowstone begins with a car full of gear, two kids, one mom and adventurous spirits ready for an awesome 4 day family Camping Vacation.

Day 1: The Journey

Mom~ The kids are old enough now to be a joy to travel with. Driving through the mountains was breathtaking and something I enjoy every time. I love the mountains. Beautiful… We had wonderful talks while on the road, about any and everything under the sun. The snowy mountains on entering the park were incredible. We had a safe trip to our quiet campsite.

Kayla~ I Loved my snacks, especially the vanilla wafers, along the way and got to sit in the front seat the whole way there. I loved it. I spotted the first prehistoric looking Pelican and the first Bison. We saw a baby Bison nursing her mom. Super sweet. Kaden made Wiggy the seal and Pongo the penguin dance to keep me entertained. What a good brother.

Kaden~ Travelling here with mom and Kayla was great! I loved it. I was the best at being the “Snack Man” during the trip, making sure Kayla and mom had the food they needed. I spotted the first Elk by the camp. It was huge and had velvet on his antlers still. I had fun getting the tent set up and settling in.

Side notes: The streams were fast moving with swift currents. We all loved watching the steam from the geysers on the trip down to our campsite at Bridge Bay.


Monday, June 12 2017

Day 2: Headed out into the Park

Mom~ Journal entry: It thundered and rained last night. It was an amazing experience to hear the thunder roll across the vast sky and over Yellowstone Lake. The rain wasn’t for too long and the morning is divine. To wake up to fresh air, birds chirping and the sun on my face…perfect. The kids and I went for a quick walk last night to stretch our legs after being in the car for nine hours. Kaden looked over at me with a big smile on his face and said “We need to do this more often!” To see his face light up and be so happy was a burst of love to my heart. I need to have more memory making times with them before they move out. I look forward to the days journeys. It looks partly cloudy which is good. It would be great to have no rain. Now off to breakfast.

Our day started off with a great breakfast with lots of sunshine! We ate by the lake then took off across the park.

Kayla~ Seeing a coyote was great! It was what one animal on my list to see.

Kaden~ The Dragons Breath cave/geyser was awesome! I think I saw a bear in the woods. it was hard to see.

All~ We saw may Bison walking down the road! Called one of them Buddy. The stretch of road that had all the geysers is our favorite. The winds were very strong on our last stop just above Biscuit Basin. The winds felt like they held us up when we jumped in the air. Then the skies turned to gray…and it started to snow. Little did we know that our poor little tent was in for a rough ride. While we enjoyed “Old Faithful” and had a wonderful dinner with great food and service, the snow started to really come down. When we got back to camp we found our tend collapsed and covered in slushy snow. What a mess. We spent the next 40 minutes getting our tent upright, pulling it closer to some small trees, and covering it with a new tarp we bought at the general store.  Thankfully, our blankets were dry. We snuggled in and got ready for the snow to continue to fly all night. We only had to kick our feet up from inside the tent two times to upright it while we slept. What an adventure!!

Animal count in order of appearance Day 2:

3 Elk, 2 Ducks, Quite a few swallows, 4 Elk, A flock of Geese, 1 Coyote, 1 Seagull, A hole ton of Buffalo, 2 Flocks of Geese, More Bison, 3 Deer, 1 Chipmunk, 1 Hawk, 1 Deer, A Duck, 2 Blackbirds, 1 Bear? (hard to tell), 2 Elk, lots of Birds


Tuesday, June 13 2017

Day 3: Out to explore again!

All~ We woke up to snow falling all around us. We had breakfast by the lake and watched the snow fly sideways off the water and through the trees. We could not go to Lamar due to the road being closed because of the snowfall. So we visited some of our favorite sites. Still a wonderful day even though it snowed.

Kaden wanted to hike a little and stretch his legs. We decided to go for a hike at the Artists Paint spot. How amazing it was to get all the different views and get into the Back Country of Yellowstone.

Our dinner reservation was at Grant Village by the lake. We had a table right by the water and got to enjoy the scenery while we ate fabulous local foods. Bison burgers are the best, as was the Bison stroganoff. When we got back to camp it was no longer raining so we went for a walk. To our delight we saw 3 Elk right by the road. Two large males and one small male. One loved a stick and was throwing it around. The other loved the logs and kept chewing on them, and the small one loved the small trees. It was a great way to end the day.

Side notes by Kayla: Woke up to blizzard. tent only caved in twice. Less than 15 minutes on the road and we already spotted 2 Elk. Its super windy, especially by the lake! We are on the lookout for a bear. We want to climb the treehouse where we had dinner last night. Buffalo stood in the middle of the road, itching his face. We get exhausted quickly while hiking or walking due to the elevation. We played the Veggie Tales soundtrack in the car. We saw the Flying Pan! Its really stinky like a fart. Marmots make really loud noses. We also saw Roaring Mountain.

Animal count in order of appearance Day 3:

2 Elk, a herd of Bison, a flock of Geese, a Duck, 5 Geese, 2 herds of Bison, 1 herd of Bison, 2 lone Bison, 2 flocks of Geese, 1 Bison, to many buffalo to count!, 2 Elk, 3 Deer, 2 Eagles, 1 Raven, 1 Bird, 1 Snowman, 1 Elk, 1 Deer, 3 Marmots, 1 Weasel, 1 Black Bear!, 1 Hawk, 1 Deer, 5 Elk, many Ducks, 1 Elk, Gathering of Geese, 1 Big Elk in middle of road!


Wednesday, June 14 2017

Day 4: Journey Home

All~ It was the coldest morning yet. Our fingers were frozen taking down the tent, but packing up was quick and easy. We headed to Old Faithful for breakfast. Yeah! We watched it erupt one more time while sipping coffee. We then headed north to see the last geyser on our list and exit the park. There was a 3 mile traffic jam because two large bison wanted to walk down the road for a morning stroll. Down the road there was more construction because they were fixing the road. We left the park happy and enjoying the rest of the sights on the journey through Montana into Idaho. What a fantastic journey it was for all of us.

Animal count in order of appearance Day 4:

1 Chipmunk, 3 Bison, a teal headed duck, 8 elk


This is a journey I recommend for anyone who likes nature beauty and animals. It is absolutely amazing.

~Ellen, Kaden, Kayla



Summer mornings

If I could freeze the day right now and have 11 hours of cool summer morning sun, a strong hot cup of coffee, and a crisp cool breeze blowing in through the office window as I bust out the social media for the day……..that would be fantastic. I’ll have that please…yes that would be amazing.

the pig agrees….



To my fellow Gardeners and Landscapers…we are a different breed. :)

This is the time of year we all look forward to…


Cramming our work pants to the back of the drawer

Stuffing the 5+ work hoodies to the side of the closet

Dusting off our favorite pajama pants, cozy socks and favorite house sweater/hoody

Stocking our pantry with those long missed foods so we can feed our faces when we please…while sitting at a table!  🙂

Tackling the mess that has become of your car that you live out of between your jobs and home

For the ladies….painting your nails and letting them grow!!  dirt free nails….that’s what they look like. and not to mention wearing an actual bra that doesn’t have “Sports” in front of it. (It’s the simple things)

Catching up on some serious couch time with family, and eliminating that long list of “To watch” on your T.V.

Updating your music player…Finally!

Wearing clothes with pockets that are not filled with bark splinters, pine needles, rocks and sand.

Hello Cute Shoes!! 🙂 and Slippers!

Here’s a kicker….actually touching your own yard and getting it to bed before winter…if you have the mojo. We wont judge if it waits until spring. 😉

And last but not least getting that R&R that you have been dreaming about since Mid-July.

We bust our asses all Spring Summer and Fall. Babying weak plants, pruning healthy ones, digging up dead ones, welcoming new additions, watering the world furiously, sharing knowledge with fellow plant lovers, feeding everything tenderly, and patiently watching those little suckers become something beautiful.

We are a different breed…We are unique in so many ways, weird in others, and downright not afraid to get ourselves completely submerged in whatever nature throws our way. We are outside rain or shine, ceasing only when the last plant has kicked the bucket for the winter and lost its head, and the last colorful leaf has fallen.

So here’s to you!


For every Gardener, Landscapers, Planter, Greenhouse workers, Designers, and any one else in this crazy seasonal field. You have deserved this break. May your pants grow tighter by spring. May your body recuperate from the bumps and bruises. May our hunger be satisfied. And most importantly: May your heart be filled with all the love you have been missing over the long summer and fall.

I love my profession and am proud to be a part of this amazing Gardening community.


~Happy end of the Season~

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