Tears of Love

to love you beyond sanity is like breathing

the soul and essence of your being calls to me

for what feels like forever I have lain beside you

craving you more and more with each passing moment

to gaze upon your face for hours

feeling your skin wishing for immortality

for then the moment would not end.

a passenger of the night

tears of love rolling down soft cheeks

mourning the inevitable passing of time

grasping tightly

devouring the intoxicating scent of your body

with great reverence you pour into my mind

invading all the voids thereof

completing what was once fragments of a song

in the midst of our memories

shall we lay for eternity

I remain yours



Screaming Fire

atop the cliff she stands

her pale skin lightly draped with white satin cloth

bare feet connecting her with the earth below

her face kisses the sky, as her hair flows down her back

caressed by the wind, bathed in the moonlight

vibrating light emanates from every fiber of her being

arms down to along her side, fingers outstretched

deep within her soul she draws forth the fire

her lips part alas, releasing the scream within

grievous flames of fury expand into the night

bright orange flames fueled by eternal pain submerged in darkness

collections of tears, untouched emotions, taunting voices, crushing loss

hopes, fears, dreams…consumed by the dancing rage of freedom

her eyes fill with burning liquid, scorching her face as they slide off her cheeks

hands tightly clench, drawing strength from the cold stone under foot

she is a force to be feared

yet her screams fall on deaf ears…

for eternity will she fill the sky with her flames

consuming every darkness






…today…tomorrow…and the next

I figured I would start the new year with my devotional and my music. It is helping me focus on what’s ahead of me this year and what is going to require a lot of my attention and dedication. Cleansing my soul, healing my heart, strengthen my emotions, regaining all my courage, and getting my spiritual dedication back on track. Feeding not only body but soul as well. My body, mind and heart are important to be the strongest they can be. Taking time for the “Daily Refreshing” of my goals, and personal battles to overcome are critical. To be comfortable in my own skin, and with the words that come out of my mouth is a struggle. I know that I will not be able to get through this year alone…God will have to be present with each step…decision…effort…change…career…conversation…laugh…and basically each day I am allowed to have. My eyes are focused on the present day and the upcoming weekend. I can not go farther than that at the moment. Why complicate, stress or worry about the next day. I have today, I will prepare for the future but not worry. I will light the candle that was blown out inside my heart and mind, letting the light glow and shine through me. It will lighten all the dark spaces, not allowing anything including hurt worry and pain to hide from its radiant honest light.

Confidently I stand, inside my chest, raising my hands to the sky and shouting praises to the Lord. Thank you!

I will let myself smile, laugh, and be happy.

~Outside the skin~

there comes a time when you need to just sit in silence and absorb

step out of your skin

let your body be where it lay

look at yourself and those around you

see them and you for what you are

meer humans

we have half a clue of the vastness of the world outside your own minds

sinking into the soil

soaring into the billowing clouds

melting with the liquids of the sea

gliding on the winds

be still and feel that around you

be a vase filled by the constance changing world

“No matter how the wind blows, the mountain can not bow to it”



“Elegant Death”


She walks the earth, wings upon her feet,

the light of the moon shinning upon her blackened soul.

The death upon her blade drips its crimson glory upon the mossy ground

Her body sways

She is the walker of dark nights

 Low lying fogs slowly creeps up her body,

 hugging her thighs as if keeping her feet connected to the ground.

Her ivory skin is bathed in black satin laced with red silk

Her beauty is flawless….eyes gleaming of fire,

a voice of liquid velvet.

She hunts the night seeking her next prey

“Death will come to you all” She whispers

 …to be so fortunate to die by her blade

……swift and merciless

Without knowing it was death who whispered in your ear.


by: Ellen Fredrickson 

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