So it starts

Spring is here….yeah I wrote those the words on February 28th. Sheesh it gets busy fast.

Now planting is in full swing, and there isn’t much time to breath. I think I need to hire a full time cook to make me dinner each night because frankly my dear I don’t give a flying leap sometimes. Yeah yeah I do it anyways. It is my job, and let’s face it I do love my family a lot. I’ll stop bitching and be happy I have a family to come home to.

I should be sleeping but can digress quite well, and my molar hurts. Might be from grinding my teeth but feels more like a cavity…and that’s all I need right now after just buying a car. Not.

I know I owe a fellow reader a post about my life having a pig as a pet. I will work on it and hopefully have it done soon. I like to keep my word.

I need a robot to bring me an ibuprofen…or 3.

End thought….

I m trapped between two pigs and am thirsty.
Night world. Hope your dreams aren’t as crazy and busy like mine.

Screaming Fire

atop the cliff she stands

her pale skin lightly draped with white satin cloth

bare feet connecting her with the earth below

her face kisses the sky, as her hair flows down her back

caressed by the wind, bathed in the moonlight

vibrating light emanates from every fiber of her being

arms down to along her side, fingers outstretched

deep within her soul she draws forth the fire

her lips part alas, releasing the scream within

grievous flames of fury expand into the night

bright orange flames fueled by eternal pain submerged in darkness

collections of tears, untouched emotions, taunting voices, crushing loss

hopes, fears, dreams…consumed by the dancing rage of freedom

her eyes fill with burning liquid, scorching her face as they slide off her cheeks

hands tightly clench, drawing strength from the cold stone under foot

she is a force to be feared

yet her screams fall on deaf ears…

for eternity will she fill the sky with her flames

consuming every darkness






so many thoughts…worst possible timing…

My first thought of the day was “Fuck you 3am”, and “How much coffee will it take to make it through the day?!!”  I wish I could have gotten back to sleep. I stared at the ceiling for a long time, laid there forcing my eyes closed listening to my pig dream about eating something, wrote a few things which I will attempt to get out into the universe this morning, thought about writing some more, thought about my future, thought about my present. Finally got up and was out of the shower by 5:03. Goody me.

I am reading the book called Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, the same woman who wrote Eat Pray Love. I love her style of writing.

Now it occurred to me last night, or shall I say early this morning, that one of her phrases: “Sow Expectations, Reap Disappointments” is a very deep and real thing. This fact is so true and I would have to say that I agree with it completely. If I expect anything from anyone in this world, I am either let down, disappointed or my feelings get hurt. I have been fighting with this situation for a while now and after seeing those words on paper really struck a chord. Enough to make me go “Huh!” almost out loud while I lay in the pre dawn suspended state of awareness.

I also made up a questionnaire to post but will have to think on that one a bit before I post it, I want to be able to get the feedback that is needed without it being confusing to do so.  It is questions for men and women about each others wants and needs, I will be requesting Brutal honest from anyone who reads it. I like honesty, and look forward to seeing if anyone has the balls to spit out what they really feel. Not many like to do that. But here I have no fear and would like to see who else doesn’t as well. 🙂

I wrote a poem, well saw a poem, that I am going to try to write this morning as well. It was very powerful vision of a poem. We will see if I still have it in me to write like I used too. Possibly “Screaming Fire” is what it will be named. We will see.

Lets get this shit started.


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