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A little about me….I wouldnt say that I am a “Writer” to me that is someone who can write book after book and pull a vast amount of imagination from their brains on demand. I like to write and have journals, I draw, paint, knit, and like to play with clay. (although I dont get my hands on much clay these days)

I live in a place where inspiration is around every river bend and at the peek of every mountain. A place where a walk can take you to a different world.

How do I see the world? Much like many others yet with a different twist of abstract and colorful angles. I feel whats around me and am a very emotional person. My feelings are raw, and sometimes I cry like a kid who got knocked off their bike by a bully. I laugh too loud at all the wrong times…like sad parts of a movie or a really grusome part. The card isle of the store is like a vortex of “OPEN THIS CARD AND SEE WHAT IT SAYS!” 🙂

I love completely and am completely in love with an amazing man. He has been by my side through the hardest times in my life. I love him more than the normal person. 🙂 Its like an incredible obsession I have for him. I always want to be around him, and miss him when we are apart.

I write here for me. It is an escape for the words in my head and my feelings at that moment.

I just published a book and the link is on my page. If you would like to check it out you can read the first few pages on amazon.com “Between the Lines” by Ellen Fredrickson.

I welcome comments on all my posts. Your thoughts, what inspires you, how you saw the day when you woke up…To me there are no stupid comments….Besides this is the only place where we can comment and not get punched in the face. 🙂

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      1. Guess what? I saw my past self in the way you describe your field of drawing. I used to do very badly at character drawing, to an extent that you can barely identify it as a living form. I used to do pattern design and Typography solely but always had the interest in stepping into anime/manga art. That “will” or determination brought me to where I am now, not really professional yet but much better than before. The whole changing process took me around a year or so, glad that I did not give up ^ _ ^ You shall persevere too and hopefully achieve what you wish to in future!

      2. I totally agree that with practice and dedication any form can be mastered in the realm of art. I need to venture into that realm and start pushing my comfort zone.

      1. Releasing what is inside whether miserable or joyous is a much needed escape for us writers. Keeping it bottled up creates chaos and clutter in our minds. There is a book I wrote posted on my page that has both light and dark poetry in it. If it is up your alley…feel free to check it out 🙂

      2. Although I was feeling rather miserable, so it’s heartfelt at least. Love your stuff on here. Makes me want to publish the book I wrote and then put away in 2013!

  1. You are mistaken…you are most certainly a writer…and a good one judging from this bio.! You sound like a fascinating lady with a lot to live for! Thank you for sharing…

    Please visit again at the “newsroom!”


    1. Thank you very much. I have failed at writing. It has been months since I wrote anything aside from notes to remember…It is eating at me and feels like it is about time to try to scribble something down.

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