Morning Yoga

Monday morning….frosty ground…dark af outside. As I sit in front of the fire, waiting for my teenagers to get ready for school, I feel a twinge in my back. Crunching on ginger snaps and sipping my coffee, I think to myself: “Hmmm I should do some yoga this morning.” So I lay a blanket down, turn YouTube on…..and watch imomsohard. Yup it’s Monday. I’ll get around to it….one more cookie.

15 minutes later…..

After stretching, and watching Jimmy Fallon, I turned to my routine that my best friend Brittany made for me to help with my rotator cuff, and my hip stiffness. She is amazing at what she does and I’m so happy to finally get back into my healing routine. It has been months. I also found a 10 minute morning yoga on YouTube that helped me warm up. I will add planking on forearms then on palm the next time around. I need to build up my core. It is the center of all our strength, and my back needs the support.

Now to eat breakfast and watch a show. It is my day off after all and pigs need cuddling.

~until next time~

What are your thoughts?

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