To my fellow Gardeners and Landscapers…we are a different breed. :)

This is the time of year we all look forward to…


Cramming our work pants to the back of the drawer

Stuffing the 5+ work hoodies to the side of the closet

Dusting off our favorite pajama pants, cozy socks and favorite house sweater/hoody

Stocking our pantry with those long missed foods so we can feed our faces when we please…while sitting at a table!  🙂

Tackling the mess that has become of your car that you live out of between your jobs and home

For the ladies….painting your nails and letting them grow!!  dirt free nails….that’s what they look like. and not to mention wearing an actual bra that doesn’t have “Sports” in front of it. (It’s the simple things)

Catching up on some serious couch time with family, and eliminating that long list of “To watch” on your T.V.

Updating your music player…Finally!

Wearing clothes with pockets that are not filled with bark splinters, pine needles, rocks and sand.

Hello Cute Shoes!! 🙂 and Slippers!

Here’s a kicker….actually touching your own yard and getting it to bed before winter…if you have the mojo. We wont judge if it waits until spring. 😉

And last but not least getting that R&R that you have been dreaming about since Mid-July.

We bust our asses all Spring Summer and Fall. Babying weak plants, pruning healthy ones, digging up dead ones, welcoming new additions, watering the world furiously, sharing knowledge with fellow plant lovers, feeding everything tenderly, and patiently watching those little suckers become something beautiful.

We are a different breed…We are unique in so many ways, weird in others, and downright not afraid to get ourselves completely submerged in whatever nature throws our way. We are outside rain or shine, ceasing only when the last plant has kicked the bucket for the winter and lost its head, and the last colorful leaf has fallen.

So here’s to you!


For every Gardener, Landscapers, Planter, Greenhouse workers, Designers, and any one else in this crazy seasonal field. You have deserved this break. May your pants grow tighter by spring. May your body recuperate from the bumps and bruises. May our hunger be satisfied. And most importantly: May your heart be filled with all the love you have been missing over the long summer and fall.

I love my profession and am proud to be a part of this amazing Gardening community.


~Happy end of the Season~

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