mother, sister, woman

The things we do as women, mothers, sisters, and daughters shape and form the very structure of the path we wall each day. Each block of the foundation is chiseled out of blood, sweat, tears, pain, heartache, sorrow and joy. Holding your child as they quietly weep over their first heart break, and dancing with them when they are happy. Embracing your mother after a long time departed, and feeling like you are home. Laughing with your sister over inside jokes far too loud making everyone stare.

There is so much that is not understood. What I feel on they inside each day. The way I feel when my children hug me. They are growing up so fast. Each day I can see their characters changing. This is my life, I love my life. My kids are such a huge part of me, my happiness, my sanity, my purpose. The responsibility to send these two people out into the world ready for what it holds…good or bad. I’m blessed and thankful each day for the life given to me. As simple as it may be. As hard as it may get. I am here for a purpose that gladly embrace whole heartedly.

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