duck, forklift, mother ticket


p.s. I am never saying Duck You or giving you a Mother Ticket, or Mother Forklift.

What if…your without.

being without…what can you be without? what have you grown accustomed to and feel normal having in your life? is there someone or something you can’t imagine your day without?

the one person that gets you and you get in return, that when you look at makes you feel calm, safe and happy. The body that you crave, and when touched by it are complete…eternally complete.

their presence next to you is like the warmth of the sun soothing your soul to the depths of the darkness that haunts you when you are apart. is it wrong to not want to be without that? how do you go through the day and night with that gone?

when you have known such beauty, incredible elation, and earth trembling love poured upon your bare flesh…what do you do…without…?

So it starts

Spring is here….yeah I wrote those the words on February 28th. Sheesh it gets busy fast.

Now planting is in full swing, and there isn’t much time to breath. I think I need to hire a full time cook to make me dinner each night because frankly my dear I don’t give a flying leap sometimes. Yeah yeah I do it anyways. It is my job, and let’s face it I do love my family a lot. I’ll stop bitching and be happy I have a family to come home to.

I should be sleeping but can digress quite well, and my molar hurts. Might be from grinding my teeth but feels more like a cavity…and that’s all I need right now after just buying a car. Not.

I know I owe a fellow reader a post about my life having a pig as a pet. I will work on it and hopefully have it done soon. I like to keep my word.

I need a robot to bring me an ibuprofen…or 3.

End thought….

I m trapped between two pigs and am thirsty.
Night world. Hope your dreams aren’t as crazy and busy like mine.

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