I am

I am a woman.  I care with all my heart, I love from the deepest crevices of my soul. I am girly, I love shinny things, jewelry, nail polish, sparkly objects. 🙂

I have passion flowing throughout my bones…Artistic, creative and pure.  I have a soul…I have feeling. Feelings that are more tender than the softest of rose petals…easily bruised with words of negativity. I am a woman…I will respect you if you respect me.

I will give all of me to you if you accept me for who I am and raise me up as the beautiful creature I am. 

I do not have the ego as many others may have, I am confident in my skin as long as it is not damaged by hate.

Embrace the woman inside of you, the Strength that you harbor is a gift from God.

I am a woman, I will not allow darkness, hurt or pain form the outside world to cloud the brightness in my soul, the love in my heart, or the intelligence in my mind…..

I am beautiful… I am strong… I am goofy and silly… I am smart… I am me. 

Embrace Yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself


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