Day Fourteen: Coffee and Yoga

Trying not to get overwhelmed by the things around me today is turning out to be easier than I expected. Facing something the instant it is in my mind and clearing it from my to do list has been very satisfying. It is easier to face the small tasks and finish them as soon as they make an appearance as opposed to putting them off and letting them become a nuisance of my mind. It is the easiest way I have found to relieve stress in my life. 🙂

My Goal: Continue at a steady consistent productive pace, accomplishing those things that are in front of you with ease.

Positive Phrase: You are standing on two strong feet and have strong people supporting you. You also have God on your side. You are in the right hands. Keep your head up and your hands raised.


Day Thirteen: Coffee and Yoga

There are very few days out of the month that I feel like, what I deem as, a normal human being. Confident, not insecure. Focused, not scattered. A woman, not a drone. Secure, not insecure. Peaceful, not worried. Real and Alive, not just going through the motions. I don’t expect anyone else to really understand that but it doesn’t matter what other people can comprehend of my thoughts.  The bottom line is that today I feel normal. Inspired and ready. With a hot cup of coffee in my hand and snow falling on the ground, which I think is absolutely delightful, today will be a good day.

I woke to see a winter wonderland today outside my window.

The snow feels like a blanket of silence wrapped around my mind and shoulders.

Calming the excitement, relaxing the mood,

and hushing the world telling it to slow down and rest.

The seasons are not ready to change yet…

Hold off just a little longer,

Allow us to hibernate a few weeks more.

The chaos of Spring can wait.

My Goal: Remember this feeling today and carry it with you to the next day, and the day after that.

Positive Phrase: You are worthy to be the confident strong woman you see inside yourself, yet are afraid to let out at times. Be the Woman you know you are on the inside. She is important and good. She is who you are, and who your loved ones know you as. Be yourself and don’t worry about how people see you.

Day Twelve: Coffee and Yoga

What I have learned over the past few days of not blogging is that. 1 I enjoy the schedule of blogging and working out. 2  I don’t like not doing it. 3 God has shown me each day that he is here for me and that he is in control of my life. So much Grace and love poured over me, I am truly blessed. Having faith and having that faith tested, trusting in God, and letting go of those things that we feel the need to hold onto so strongly giving them to God and letting Him take control of our prized possessions is on of the hardest things to do. But the reward of watching God be in control and take the reins is one of the most humbling experiences. Taking a few days off to self reflect I believe is part of the process of growing and learning. Spending time with God and being silent in your mind, even though when you are trying to do that it seems like there is a full blown circus going on, is beautiful and deeply rewarding. Finding true peace and resting in God is something I am still not the best at. But I try my hardest all the time to rest in Him and let go of all the worries. It is a daily…no hourly…struggle to keep focused on resting in Him, and not taking it all back.

In another note, Winter has not been the winter of snow that I was hoping for. I love the snow and have to admit that I love building snow men 🙂 But I guess winter is what it is this year.

My Goal: Finish all my tiny projects and errands so my plate is clear.

Positive Phrase: You are in good hands, stay focused, love those around you and lift your hands up.


I’ll Wait in His Kingdom ~ by rldubour



I’ll Wait in His Kingdom

On the wings of an Angel–She’ll fly me away
To my new home in heaven–She’ll show me the way.
She called out my name–and said I must go
Just hold on to me–the way I will show.
My Maker is waiting–to welcome me in
As one of His children–He’ll forgive all my sins.
I’ll kneel down before Him–I know what He’ll say
Your life’s been recorded–He’ll replay everyday.
My life He does show me–not a word do I speak
I view my strong moments–along with the weak.
I see all my loved ones–with tears in their eyes
I blow them a kiss–I say my good-byes.

In God’s Kingdom I’ll wait–till my loved ones are here
Right here beside me–where love perseveres

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Day Eleven: “Coffee and Yoga”

Okay so to be honest I have slacked the past few days. But I can see that my body liked working out because my back started to hurt, as it usually does, with no work outs. So today I am back to it. I am back on the workout wagon. I also realized that I should not take a day off, I should at least do calm yoga between work out days. I see that I cant do it everyday so I will readjust my workout schedule to be a day of workout day of yoga, day of work out day of yoga etc. That will be a better pace as to not kill my body or motivation.

My goal: Stay focused on what GOD gave me to do today. Do Not stress about tomorrow or the day after.

Positive Phrase: His Grace is sufficient for the day. Take joy in the day He has made for you and be glad in it. He is in control, let Him take the wheel. Have Faith.



Day Ten: “Coffee and Yoga”

Today is going to consist of a light yoga routine. Something that will get the painful crink out of my neck and stretch out my hips and legs. Sleep was not easy last night and I am already tired. So I will get my butt moving and do my housework and yoga. That should help me feel accomplished.

My Goal: Get through the day without being frustrated.

Positive phrase: Each day is a gift…make sure I appreciate what I have been given.


Day Nine: “Coffee and Yoga”

It is Saturday…I feel like snuggling with my boyfriend and doing nothing. but he is at work. So I guess that gives me my reason to get my stuff done. Sister and I switched kids, a boy for a girl, for the night. So the boys got some guy time at her house and the girls did nails at mine. It was a good night full of imagination and giggles. I love our kids 🙂

I am debating on what work out to do today. I love the deep muscle work out of the Brazilian work out but man am I soar after it. I guess the only way to not be sore is to do it more often. my coffee tastes too good to put down at the moment so I think I will Crush it up a little and bejewel for a bit until my butt is ready to move. 🙂 It is Saturday after all.

My Goal: Stay focused and finish my daily tasks with dedication and efficiency. make more heart chains for valentine’s day.

Positive Phrase: Be who you are, be confident in who you are, hold your head high, walk with purpose in your step.

mountain creek


Day Eight: “Coffee and Yoga”

Today feels like I have already ran a marathon and it isn’t even 7:30am. I dreamt I was shopping for jelly and pouring half empty jars into one another. So needless to say that after running around in my dreams all night like a mad woman…I woke up tired. oh and night-time me did not prep the coffee leaving morning me having to wait for 15 minutes, which felt like an eternity, to have my first cup of coffee…so not ok night-time me.

My Goal: Get the stuff done on my to do list and squeeze in a workout, hopefully make coffee cake 🙂 Stay positive and don’t be crabby.

Positive Phrase: Be patient with yourself and the day ahead. It will all fall into place as God has planned. Rest in God and be thankful for the day you have been given.


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