Breakfast with my mother

I am 31 years and have to admit that I have for the first time had a mother daughter date with my mom. I realized something today that I should have realized many years ago…just thinking about it bring a lump into my throat and tears to the corner of my eyes….spending quality time with my mom is something that I should be doing more often.

It was a rare day off for me, my mom had ditched her plans for the weekend and came up and watch my kids yesterday because I had to work. I was so extremely grateful for her eagerness to help me, as she always is. Before she came out I made a plan to take her out to breakfast on my day off before he had to go back to her home 1.5 hours away.

I woke up and looked forward to chatting over coffee and listening to her stories. I dressed in a shirt I knew she liked, got the kids ready for school and dropped them off. I chatted with my sister at her post as a Crossing Guard for the School until the bell rang, giving mom plenty of time to get ready. She doesn’t move as fast as she used to due to her Arthritis and tired body. I drove into the drive to see her out by the car waiting with a sweet smile on her face. She was dressed in a comfortable blue flannel, it is my moms style and she wears it wonderfully, and jeans. She was so excited, she got her purse and coat and I took her arm and we headed to the car. To see the happiness in her eyes made me realize that I have not done enough for this wonderful woman. She gives all she can to those around her, and aside from her particular nature that some people don’t like, she will sacrifice for others when she herself has nothing.

We headed out to a little restaurant both hungry. When we got there I took her arm and we strolled in. We enjoyed our big breakfast talking and laughing about all the little fun details of our busy lives. Her face has aged nicely for being 54, her hair is grayer than before, and her frame is showing her age. I never thought my mother would age or get old. Seeing her still so strong in spirit and mind humbled my heart. I made sure I paid attention to the way she held her knife and stirred her coffee. Every moment is precious these days.

We finished our meal. She thanked me many times for the special time, I thanked her for coming. She does so much for me that I feel forever in debt to her. I held the door open for her and we headed to the store to meet up with my sister and to get a few items mom needed.

After our outing I brought her home and gave her a long hug goodbye, I always feel secure and loved when she holds me. I remember all the times she has hugged me, patting my back as if I were still little.

Thank you mom….for always being there for me. For always caring, loving and supporting me no matter where my life has led me. You have shown me how I want my kids to feel when they get older about me. Compassionate, full of love, and thankful for each moment together.

I love you mom.

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