the sun shines brightly today. I sit in my usual spot with coffee by my side, a definite must each day. florence and the machines floods my ears as i get pumped for a day of running around a plant nursery helping people find that perfect plant, and making sure the plants survive our all of a sudden burst of summer. it has finally arrived and is here with a sweltering sting. my boyfriend still sleeps…how i wish to crawl back into bed with him….coffee intrivieniously would be a fantastic invention right about meow.  somewhere inside of me I know there is still my poet who thinks in colors and dreams in details. I need to remember that she needs to be beside me daily not just out when I want to create. it is such a huge part of my mind…or it was. it seems like when I get busy it is forgotten and pushed into the background. I remember now why i made this blog…for times like these where my journal is not handy and i feel like writing. the woods are calling my name each time the wind blows and rustles the leaves. glorious shimmering twinkling wildflowers smiling up at me showing me the delicate beauty God has created….the clock says its time to go… my mind says its time to sleep..my body says its time to explore the vastness that is my idaho…i am happy to be home…..i feel a peace within my soul, a calmness in my heart, and love throughout our home. balance and harmony is key…..keep the balance, steady feet, soft hands and flowing movement with all that is around us….



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