I pulled this woman from my mind and it is one of my favorite drawings. She is soft and subtle in expressing her beauty. There is something about those eyes that captures me.

I was staying at my mom’s house, who lives out in the middle of the woods, where I grew up. It always seems like there is a calm in my soul when I am in the woods. It is like I belong there and am in my element. There is great passion, beauty, and a sense of peace that overcomes my entire being. I have always believed that it is where I belong.

“To walk in no shoes and create a path that is your own, to see the world through eyes untainted by man, to be part of the glory God created. To be in silence is to be free.”



What is time?

Why do we wrap ourselves in such a small word

and let it control our daily lives?

What is the meaning?

How does one grasp life without it…

We say it every day….

…If I only had the time

…If I have the time

…There isn’t enough time for that

What once represented the harvest, seasons, and death

is now a constant strain and worry.

Trying to move faster, be more efficient, making each second count,

only to reach the end of your days with no time left.

What do we leave behind?

How have we used all that time?

Have we spent it wisely,

Or have we squandered it away on meaningless pleasures?

In a grave is where we end, surrounded by people

who realize that their own clock is ticking away to nothing….



written by: Ellen Fredrickson 

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